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Let an experienced editor and researcher who is also a published author familiar with the world of publishing help you prepare your writing for publication. From term papers or theses to book-length nonfiction or fiction manuscripts, I have a proven track record of success in helping writers and published authors. Fees based on length and complexity of project. I'm currently based in Santa Barbara, California, but I also work remotely.



My name is David Kaufman, and I am a published author with several years' experience in editing my own writing and the writing of others for publication, including academic works, journal articles, and books, both fiction and nonfiction. I work with academics and professional authors. I work with academic writing, fiction, and LGBTQ+ genres. My book Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley histories: language, archaeology, and ethnography is published by the University of Nebraska Press (2019) and has won the 2019 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title award by the American Library Association (ALA). I have published three language books, Biloxi dictionary, Mobilian Trade Language phrasebook and lexicon, and the Atakapa Išakkoy dictionary. I am copyeditor for the Cambridge journal Language Variation and Change, and I was copyeditor for the prestigious World Bank Economic Review journal for Oxford University Press. I am currently editing two books, one titled, Minoan and Etruscan and the languages related to them, the second titled, Webs of relationships: words from long ago, including essays on several Algonquian languages, Tocharian, Zapotec, and others. I have degrees in international studies, linguistics, and anthropology. 


Services and Fees

I provide a number of services, including proofreading, editing, formatting, and research, among others. Standard fees are listed below. However, because all jobs are unique, please contact me so we can discuss services and price based on type of project, length, time commitment, and resources.

Proofreading: checking punctuation and spelling as well as gross grammatical checking. Standard fee $5/page.

Editing: covers proofreading, spelling, detailed grammatical review, some content review. Standard fee $7/page.

Formatting for publication: page setup, margins, gutters, photo and image insertion, table editing. Standard fee $4/page. I can also coach and assist you with the publishing process, including possible publication with our own publishing company, Exploration Press.

Ghostwriting: writing prose so you don't have to. I do the writing, you get the credit. Give me an idea of what you want to write, and for what type of audience, from a blog post to a chapter to an entire book. Standard fee $150 per 1000 words but may vary depending on type of project and amount of research involved. 

Research: content and subject research for academic and nonacademic genres (e.g., historical fiction). Fees vary depending on scale and length of project.

Publishing coach: confused or uncertain about how to publish your book, either publishing it yourself or via a publisher? In either case, I can tell you what's needed and how to successfully manage the process. I charge $50 for a half-hour consultation via phone or video chat on what to expect and how to prepare for the publishing process.


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Awarded the 2019 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title by the ALA

Editing Projects


David Kaufman proofed/edited my novel of the Tall House/Milwaukee Series, The house off of Brady, for MECAH Publishing (MECAHmilwaukee.com). We have used other proofreaders in the past. He found at least two times more legitimate errors--some that could have been embarrassing--than those we have used in the past. I am recommending to the publisher that we use him again for other novels in this series.  -- Sienna Jacks, PhD

David Kaufman’s clever abilities to detect hard-to-find errors are off the chart. As a professional writer, in 100 years never would I think that I had so many mistakes, and I’m glad they were discovered before I made a fool of myself. If you’re looking for such a miraculous editor, David is your guy.  --Pezhmun D. Ghiassi, author of The Handsome Twist